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Valuing the valuechain

Ecocommunity DAO diverges sharply from traditional supply chain business hierarchies.


Rules which can be modified by your group's preferences, but tuned for the best practices by the Ecocommunity Smart Contract Team:

What problem is being solved?

Initiatives can be proposed and voted on by holders of Ottercoin, Ermine Coin, and Takataka Tembo native tokens.

  • Value chain is defined as a set of linked activity notes.
  • Maximum wage can be set, incentivizing new member involvement to increase total income for value chains you contribute to.
  • Dedicated to developing circular economy IRL real life projects in developing world lower income scenarios and the developed world.
  • Rewarding of Ottercoin tokens generate an auditable record of carbon negative actions

Empower the waste sorters, compost makers, tree planters
innovators, upcyclers, & renewable energy providers

The Ecocommunity DAO incentivizes collaboration by tabulating earned carbon diversion credits toward the sale of 1 Ton climate credit action tokens.
      Ecocommunity DAO waste picker support vison: Empower waste pickers by introducing token issuance for collection, cleaning, delivery and processing of waste plastic. Pooling of resources to improve processing and upycycled product composting, tree planting, forest gardens, and cover cropping.
      Ottercoin tokens are converted to Erminecoin tokensreceipts are used to calculate how funds are distributed for sales of Climate credit DAO tokens.
      Ottercoin receipts are used to calculate how funds are distributed for sales of Climate credit DAO tokens.
      Ecocommunity DAO supports verifiable climate credit projects, and works to provide peer mentorship support connectiions to community workers on the ground where trees are being plants, plant nurseries created, educational art is being made, new compost programs are being started, plastics are being diverted from burn piles, and new livelihoods are being generated by hope, and supportive contributions by donors, NFT collectors, project sponsors, and those donating time.

  • additional diversion provided by organic compost pile use for organic matter.
  • mapping of public waste burn areas & dust bins.
  • separating of electronics waste for repair, parts, and recycling.
  • separating of rags and use in clay & concerete masonry.

Bridging small projects and the big blockchain

SCD Hub has been working to develop
verification tools & long term involvement, because
long is the only way to grow a tree.